Paul Baker Hernandez

Paul Baker Hernandez

This is not an NLE event

Date(s) - 28 Feb 2016
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Forest Café, Edinburgh (map below)

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Paul Baker Hernandez visits Edinburgh during his U.K. speaking/singing tour.

While a supposedly-silent Trappist monk, Paul incited a monastic revolution, made a guitar from an old toilet seat, and set off to find Bob Dylan.  Instead, he’s spent 45 years singing/working with extraordinary people fighting for their lives throughout Britain and the Americas. On tour, he tells their stories in a passionate blend of song, analysis, information and practical projects. In so doing he breaks through the news embargo on ALBA, the highly-successful Latin American Fair Trade system rooted in community and care for the Earth rather than the ‘Free’ Market’s individualism and planetary catastrophe. ALBA’s intelligent and compassionate business model is quite literally a potential lifesaver for the entire planet, yet it’s virtually ignored by the corporate media. Paul is out to change all that!

Paul Baker Hernandez

For further information, visit Paul’s website.

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141 Lauriston Place

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