About Us

We are Latin American enthusiasts who think that our continents should share their passion and knowledge.

The NLE is a non-profit organisation with volunteer members working in the area of education, mainly focusing on the exchange of ideas between Scotland and Nicaragua. We are based in the Tollcross Community Centre in Edinburgh.

Why Nicaragua? Because many of us have visited this beautiful country, and want to learn more about their literacy campaigns and other educational initiatives. We organise talks, workshops and events to raise awareness of Latin American issues in Edinburgh.

Our Aims

  1. To provide support to current literacy projects and to engage in the creation of fast-track primary education projects in Nicaragua.
  2. To learn from the Nicaragua literacy experience in relation to (but not restricted to) educational methodology and mobilization.
  3. To consider how these lessons can be applied here in Scotland and to engage in the creation of relevant projects.

In working towards these goals we want to:

  • Develop a stronger understanding of the situation (current and historic) in Nicaragua and Latin America.
  • Develop an understanding of relevant educational methodology.
  • Develop understanding and awareness of the literacy needs and desires of people and communities in Scotland.
  • Write and coordinate projects whose main goal is an international exchange of educational methods
  • Look for alternative ways in education.
  • Raise the necessary funds, through creative means!
  • Bring together and mobilize resources and capabilities in Scotland.
  • Learn Spanish!